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Board of Transportation Approves $69,496 for Triangle Transit

Funding for the purchase of replacement and expansion buses
RALEIGH - The N.C. Board of Transportation at their December meeting approved $69,496 in state funding for the Research Triangle Regional Public Transportation Authority, operating as Triangle Transit, through the NCDOT Public Transportation Division Urban/Regional Bus and Facility Program. The Urban/Regional Bus and Facility Program provides the required 10 percent state match to direct recipients of grants through the Federal Transit Administration for projects such as new buses and vehicles, as well as maintenance, operations or transfer facilities. Triangle Transit was approved for a FTA capital grant for the replacement of four 20-foot Light Transit Vehicles plus two additional 20-foot LTVs for the system's paratransit fleet, as well as one 40-foot bus for future expansion of the system's fleet. The approved state funds will serve as the 10 percent state match and will be used as reimbursement for eligible costs associated with this project. These funds match $69,497 in local funds and $555,970 in federal funds, totaling $694,963. Since Gov. Bev Perdue took office, the NCDOT Public Transportation Division has awarded more than $310 million in grant funds to local public transportation systems. These grants enable systems to provide people in all 100 counties access to education, job opportunities and health care. For more information on grant programs through the Public Transportation Division of NCDOT, as well as transit systems that serve the public throughout the state, visit


2/13/2018 4:26 PM