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Gov. Perdue Encourages Applications for Mobility Fund Projects

RALEIGH -The N.C. Department of Transportation is soliciting proposals for projects across all modes of transportation to relieve congestion and enhance mobility across the state. Selected projects will be funded through the Mobility Fund, an innovative funding mechanism that Gov. Perdue proposed and pushed through the legislature. Candidate projects will be accepted through Feb. 29, 2012 and ranked through a data-driven approach by May 2012. The amount of money available is estimated at $45 million in the 2012-2013 fiscal year and $58 million in succeeding years. "Creating jobs is my top priority, and the Mobility Fund is another tool to make North Carolina more economically competitive," Gov. Bev Perdue said. "Businesses looking to relocate or expand want a strong transportation infrastructure to effectively move their goods, and that's what these projects are all about."  The scoring will rank projects by those that will provide the greatest benefit in travel time savings and increase the overall efficiency of the transportation system. The first project funded by the program was the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project, which is widening the interstate from N.C. 150 to I-85 Business. Proposals should be submitted on a form that can be downloaded at:  A hard copy of the form can be sent by mail to: North Carolina Department of Transportation, ATTN: Mobility Fund Project Submission, 1501 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1501. Completed applications must be submitted by close of business February 29, 2012.Questions can be sent to NCDOT's Contact Us link.  


2/13/2018 4:26 PM