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Motorists Urged to Limit Distractions and "Just Drive

RALEIGH - The best way to reach your destination safely this holiday season is to limit distractions, pay attention to the road and "just drive." 

The decision to drive distracted -whether that means checking Facebook, texting or putting on makeup - can quickly turn a joyful season of celebration into a time of tragedy.

"No message -via phone, text or email -is so important that it can't wait," said Transportation Secretary Gene Conti.

To send a message about the dangers of driving distracted, NCDOT has created the "Just Drive" PSA. The PSA reminds motorists that, in addition to texting, a number of behaviors can be dangerous behind the wheel.

This holiday season, think about what really matters and remember that the rest can wait until you arrive at your destination. Just drive. 


2/13/2018 4:26 PM