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NCDOT Awards $4.6 Million Contract to Replace Hastings Hill Road Bridge over U.S. 421 in Forsyth County

Project will improve safety and help road last longer

RALEIGH - N.C. Department of Transportation Secretary Gene Conti has awarded $4.6 million contract to replace the Hastings Hill Road bridge over U.S. 421 in Forsyth County near Kernersville. The contract was awarded to DLB Inc. of Hillsville, Va. Work is scheduled to start as early as Nov. 26, with final completion by Jan. 11, 2015.

The bridge was built in 1953. It has the sufficiency rating of 30.7 out of 100. That does not mean that the bridge is unsafe. It means that the bridge has outlived its expected lifespan and no longer meets the needs of today's drivers. Replacing it will not only improve safety and help the bridge last longer, but it will also allow the 5,560 motorists that travel on it each day to reach their destinations more efficiently.

In addition, crews will build the new bridge and part of Hastings Hill Road in a new alignment, which will eliminate the sharp curve on Hastings Hill Road near East Forsyth High School.

While construction is taking place, the existing bridge will remain open, giving traffic a direct way to cross the highway without requiring a detour route. Crews will build the new bridge parallel to the existing bridge. Once the new bridge is complete and open to traffic, the contractor will tear down the existing bridge.

This is one of 15 contracts totaling $73.6 million awarded by Conti in October for highway and bridge projects across North Carolina. NCDOT awarded the contracts to the lowest bidders, as required by state law. The bids received on the projects awarded came in about 9.1 percent, or $7.4 million, below NCDOT estimates. Since Gov. Bev Perdue took office in January of 2009, NCDOT has awarded 727 highway contracts totaling $5 billion to ensure that all North Carolinians have access to jobs and educational opportunities. Gov. Perdue continues to support immediate jobs in the construction sector and the goal of ensuring that our transportation network facilitates access to jobs, education and healthcare for the future.


2/15/2018 5:25 PM