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NCDOT Awards $863,144 Contract to Resurface More Than Nine Miles of Secondary Roads in Pasquotank County

RALEIGH - N.C. Department of Transportation Secretary Gene Conti has awarded a contract to resurface more than nine miles of secondary roads in Pasquotank County. The $863,144 contract was awarded to Barnhill Contracting Co. of Tarboro. Work can begin as early as April 2 and be completed by June 15.The roads designated for resurfacing include:   2.25 miles of Bayside Road from Toxey Road to the stop sign;   1.56 miles of Well Field Road from Forest Park Road to the dead end;   0.78 miles of  Bateman Road from Davis Bay Road to the dead end;   0.70 miles of Delia Drive from Pitts Chappell Road to the dead end;   0.69 miles of Long Lane from Fire Tower Road to Fire Tower Road;   0.54 miles of Ulster Road from Church Street Extended to the end of pavement;   0.47 miles of Sunny Acres Drive from 4 Forks Road to the dead end;   0.43 miles of Crystal Drive from Lake Drive to Lakeside Drive;   0.30 miles of Possum Quarter Road from U.S. 17 to the pavement change;   0.27 miles of Foxboro Road from Oak Stump Road to Rosecroft Drive;   0.27 miles of Terry Street from Church Street Extended to Anne Street;   0.26 miles of South Street from U.S. 17 to the dead end;   0.24 miles of Fearing Avenue from Horseshoe Road to County Street;   0.16 miles of Jennifer Drive from Betty Drive to the dead end;   0.16 miles of Meads Street from Alton Street to Terry Street;   0.14 miles of Tri-County Jail Access Road from U.S. 17 to the end of maintenance;   0.13 miles of Club House Road from Country Club Drive to the dead end;   0.12 miles of Tuckers Lane from Brite Ave to the dead end;   0.09 miles of Anne Street from Terry Street to Alton Street; and   0.08 miles of Lakeside Drive from dead end to dead end.This is one of 29 contracts totaling $167.9 million awarded by Conti for highway and bridge projects across North Carolina. NCDOT awarded the contracts to the lowest bidders, as required by state law. The bids received on the projects awarded came in about 7.5 percent, or about $13.5 million, below NCDOT estimates. Since Gov. Bev Perdue took office in January of 2009, NCDOT has awarded 540 highway contracts totaling $3.9 billion to ensure that all North Carolinians have access to jobs and educational opportunities. 


2/15/2018 5:26 PM