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NCDOT Division of Aviation to Sponsor Free Pilot Safety Seminars in Murphy and Franklin on July 31-Aug. 1

RALEIGH -The N.C. Department of Transportation's Division of Aviation is sponsoring a series of free pilot safety seminars in Western North Carolina on honing basic skills and flying into non-towered airports. Division of Aviation representatives will present these two topics in seminars at the following locations:
  • Tuesday, July 31: Tri-County Community College Classroom 127 in the McSwain Building, 21 Campus Circle, Murphy; and
  • Wednesday, Aug. 1: Macon County Airport Conference Room, 1241 Airport Road, Franklin.

"Safety is our top priority," said Division of Aviation Director Richard Walls. "These seminars are an important tool to keep North Carolina the leader in aviation education."

Attendance at the two-hour program will give pilots Federal Aviation Administration Wings credit. Each presentation is titled, "Back2Basics" and will discuss how pilots need to continue working on flight skills into order to avoid common accident scenarios. The seminars also will examine how pilots can fly into smaller airports that do not have control towers to aid in navigation and aircraft separation.

NCDOT Aviation Safety and Education Specialist Tom Freeman will conduct a session on "non-towered airport operations." He will speak about regulations, communication procedures, how to avoid mid-air collisions, airport signage and markings, and recommended operating procedures. Aviation speaker Mark Grady will have a session on maintaining flying skills.

This seminar series is a part of the Division of Aviation's Safety and Education program. The program sponsors an average of 30 events per year for pilots, aviation maintenance technicians, youth and the general public.

For registration information, contact Freeman at (919) 840-0112 or via email at For more information about NCDOT aviation safety programs, click here.


2/15/2018 5:25 PM