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NCDOT Reminds Motorists to Mount Transponders to Vehicle Windshield to Avoid Fees, Higher Tolls

RALEIGH - Motorists traveling on the recently opened Triangle Expressway are reminded to properly mount their NC Quick Pass transponders to their windshields for proper detection.Transponders must be affixed to the windshield based on the instructions provided when the transponder was purchased. If the transponder is not mounted correctly, it may not be read correctly, which could cause drivers to be charged a fee and/or a higher toll rate.The Turnpike Authority began mailing letters this week to NC Quick Pass customers who have been traveling the Triangle Expressway without their transponders mounted correctly."People have been purchasing transponders in order to save money while traveling on the Triangle Expressway and we want to make sure they have their transponder mounted properly so they can receive the reduced rate" said Turnpike Authority's Director of Operations, Barry Mickle.If motorists receive a notification letter of the $5 fee and have traveled on the untolled section of I-540, they can contact the Customer Service Center and the fee will be waived. Reminders:  Mount your transponder based on instructions provided when purchased;  If the transponder is not mounted right, it cannot be detected;  If it's not read correctly 15 percent of the time, a $5 fee will be assessed to cover reviewing the image, processing and mailing the invoice.If a motorist has their transponder mounted correctly, but feels their transponder is defective, please contact the Customer Service Center at 877-7MY-PASS or stop by the office at 200 Sorrell Grove Church Road in Morrisville. If the transponder is tested and determined to be defective, the motorist will be credited any fees charged for read failures. Motorists with the sticker transponders must leave the transponder affixed to their windshield until it is tested.  Removing the sticker transponder will damage it and leave the motorist responsible for replacement costs.  Payment of the invoice can be made online at, through the automated phone system at 877-7MY-PASS, or mailed to the Customer Service Center using the detachable payment portion of the invoice. If the bill is not paid within 30 days from the date of the bill, it may escalate to include fees, civil penalties, DMV registration holds and/or submittal to a collection agency.For additional information on North Carolina Turnpike Authority and toll road projects, visit 


2/15/2018 5:26 PM