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NCDOT and Town of Harrisburg Host Meeting to Show Citizens' Input on Proposed Highway and Rail Improvements

(RALEIGH) -The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the Town of Harrisburg are co-hosting a Project Status Update meeting in response to residents' input on improvements to local highways, bridges and railroad crossings.  The April 26 meeting will be held at Harrisburg Town Hall; residents can drop in anytime between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.


After weeks of working closely with the Town of Harrisburg about their constituents' concerns, NCDOT changed plans for the Haydock to Junker series of projects that include changes to roadways, bridge locations and railroad crossings. By incorporating suggestions from the citizens and town officials, NCDOT has created new designs that will impact fewer homes.

Other revisions include:

  • Providing a bridge wide enough to accommodate future lanes at Roberta Road; and
  • Providing access from the Industrial Park to N.C. 49 in the vicinity of the existing railroad crossing at Shamrock Road.


Since March 1, NCDOT highway and rail representatives and members of the Town Council's Railroad Committee worked to make changes based on citizen comments as NCDOT works to enhance railroad track safety along the Raleigh to Charlotte corridor.


Additional details on these and other projects will be provided at meeting.





2/15/2018 5:26 PM