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NCDOT installs new type of pedestrian crossing treatment in Stanly County

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (commonly called HAWK signals) assists pedestrians at marked crosswalks

CHARLOTTE -The N.C. Department of Transportation has installed two new pedestrian hybrid beacons on U.S. 52 near the Pfeiffer University campus in Misenheimer, enabling pedestrians to safely cross the road with minimal disruption to drivers.

These pedestrian hybrid beacons, or HAWK (High Intensity Activated Crosswalk) signals as they are more commonly referred to, are located over the roadway, and consists of six intervals in each sequence:

  • Dark Until Activated -the signal remains dark until a pedestrian touches the push button to begin the sequence;
  • Flashing Yellow -drivers should be prepared to stop;
  • Solid Yellow -drivers should stop if it's safe to do so, or proceed forward if not safe to stop;
  • Solid or Steady Red -all traffic must stop; During this phase, pedestrians are shown the "Walk" signal and encouraged to cross
  • Flashing Red during Pedestrian Clearance -traffic can move forward only if pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk; during this phase, pedestrians see the countdown indication and should clear the crosswalk.
  • Dark Again Until Activated -traffic can proceed normally until the beacon is reactivated.

Currently, one of the two HAWK signals is operational. The second will be operational within a few weeks.

NCDOT currently maintains another pedestrian hyrbrid beacon at the intersection of N.C. 16 (Providence Road) and Queens Road, near Myers Park Presbyterian Church in Charlotte.

Drivers are encouraged to provide feedback on the new pedestrian signal. Comments may be provided to Sean Epperson at (704) 983-4400.

***Editor's Note: Attached is a picture of the HAWK signal's six intervals.***


2/15/2018 5:25 PM