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NC Turnpike Authority Taking Steps to Assist in Resolving Delinquent Accounts

Letters outline toll collection processRALEIGH - The N.C. Turnpike Authority is sending out letters to help customers resolve accounts with an overdue balance in advance of the required collections process that will begin in 2014.

Each letter states that the customer has a delinquent account reflecting unpaid tolls, administrative fees, and/or civil penalties. The Turnpike Authority is offering customers who receive the letter a one-time payment extension on the overdue bill to avoid having the account sent to a collection agency and an NCDMV hold placed on their vehicle registration, as required by bond covenant.

Customers are encouraged to visit the NC Quick Pass website, Customer Service Center in Morrisville or call 1-888-769-7277 to resolve their accounts.

In an effort to help, the Customer Service Call Center has extended its hours as follows:Call center will remain open until 9 p.m. Monday through FridayCustomer Service Center Lobby will remain open until 7 p.m., Monday through FridaySaturday hours will remain 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. The Turnpike Authority is also using a three-phased approach, approved by the NCTA Board, which will allow the Customer Service Center to work with additional customers while efficiently resolving over 73,000 delinquent accounts in the months ahead. The proposed plan is as follows:

Phase OneReminder letter sent from NC Quick Pass to all delinquent account holders in three groups based on their account balance: ?Customer who owe greater than $500?$300 - $499?Less than $299Jan. 31, 2014 -Payment deadline for customers owing more than $500Feb. 1, 2014 - Department of Justice will send letters to in-state customers owing more than $500 that did not pay by the Jan. 31 deadline, stating that they are being sent to collections and their vehicle registration is placed on hold. Out of state customers are sent directly to collections.

Phase TwoFeb. 28, 2014 -Payment deadline for customers owing $300 - $499March 1, 2014 -$300 - $499 in-state customers are sent to collections and vehicle registration placed on hold. Out-of-state customers are sent directly to collections.

Phase ThreeMarch 31, 2014 -Payment deadline for customers owing less than $299April 1, 2014 -Less than $299 in-state customers sent to collections and vehicle registrations placed on hold. Out of state customers are sent directly to collections.

More than $815,000 in delinquent tolls is currently owed to NC Quick Pass.

Beginning April 1, 2104, all delinquent accounts (past 90 days) will be automatically sent to collections and vehicle registration placed on hold. After 6 months of no collection results, customers will be sent to the Department of Revenue and tax refunds could be garnished.

Operations ReviewTraffic and revenue on the Triangle Expressway continues to surpass the numbers that were projected in the 2009 Traffic and Revenue Study. In addition, there are steady gains in toll transactions per month, with over 2 million in September.

New partnerships now make it easier for NC Quick Pass customers to travel throughout the eastern United States. Transponders are now compatible with 16 E-ZPass and 5 SunPass agencies, allowing drivers with a NC Quick Pass to use it in 15 states. It is the largest interoperability footprint in the nation.

For more information on NC Quick Pass, please visit the website at


2/19/2018 7:49 AM