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NCDOT to Make Safety Improvements to the Intersection of Startown Road and 23rd Street Drive SE in Hickory

RALEIGH- The N.C. Department of Transportation will begin work on reconfiguring the intersection at Startown Road and 23rd Street Drive SE in Hickory on Monday, July 8, weather permitting, to allow smoother traffic flow. The intersection has been the location of several accidents in the past due to amount of traffic that travels on 23rd Street Drive SE between Startown Road and Catawba Valley Boulevard.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of July. Lane closures on Startown Road and 23rd Street Drive SE will be required, but traffic impacts are expected to be minor.

As part of the project, the current lane configuration on southbound Startown Road north of this intersection will be modified from U.S. 70 so that the right lane will become a dedicated right turn lane onto 23rd Street Drive SE, and the left lane will become the through lane for southbound traffic on Startown Road.A traffic island will be constructed on 23rd Street Drive SE to allow only right turns off Startown Road.

Under the new traffic pattern, traffic traveling north on Startown Road will no longer be able to make a left turn onto 23rd Street Drive SE. Instead, motorists will be required to make a left turn onto Catawba Valley Boulevard and travel about a quarter-mile to the intersection of 23rd Street Drive SE and make a right turn. Motorists traveling on 23rd Street Drive SE will still be able to make both right and left turns onto Startown Road.

This type of traffic pattern change will help reduce the number of crashes caused by vehicles traveling through this intersection.

Funding for this project was made possible through the NCDOT Spot Safety Program. This program allocates money to projects that will reduce crashes and enhance motorist safety on roads that meet specific accident criteria.

For more information, contact NCDOT District Engineer Michael Poe at (704) 748-2400.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An image of the work area is below.


2/19/2018 7:50 AM