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NCDOT to Present Proposed Design for U.S. 64 Widening in Tyrrell and Dare Counties Next Week

RALEIGH - The N.C. Department of Transportation will meet with residents of the East Lake and Alligator communities next week to seek feedback on a proposed design for the widening of 27.3 miles of U.S. 64 from Columbia in Tyrrell County to U.S. 264 near Manns Harbor in Dare County. The project is intended to improve mobility in eastern North Carolina and bring the road up to modern highway standards. The meetings will take place at the following dates and locations: East Lake Monday, Aug. 19 at 6:30 p.m. East Lake Community Center. 16674 U.S. 64 Manns Harbor Alligator Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 6:30 p.m. St. John's Baptist Church 5127 U.S. 64 Columbia The department is proposing to widen U.S. 64 in both counties from two to four lanes with a 46-foot wide median in Tyrrell County and a 23-foot wide median in Dare County. The project also includes a new four-lane, three mile-long bridge over the Alligator River. Heading east, NCDOT proposes to widen U.S. 64 on the north side of the road from Columbia to the Alligator River Marina, with a short section widened on the south side of the road just west of the Futch Game Lands. The road will then be constructed on new location north of the existing U.S. 64 just before reaching the location of the new bridge, which will enter Dare County halfway between the existing bridge and the Wildlife Resources Commission boat ramp. Across the river, a southern bypass of East Lake on U.S. 64 will be constructed and then widening will continue on either the north or south side of U.S. 64, depending on the location, for the remainder of the project to U.S. 264. The proposed design also takes into consideration wildlife in the area, and will include numerous wildlife crossings under the road, as well as fencing along some areas of U.S. 64 that will direct wildlife to the crossings. NCDOT is also planning to create and restore approximately twice the number of wetlands than will be impacted by this project. This project, which is estimated to cost approximately $392 million, will be prioritized for funding, along with other local projects, under the department's Strategic Mobility Formula. A schedule for the design-build process and construction will be determined depending on where this project ranks in prioritization. For more information on the widening of U.S. 64 in Tyrrell and Dare counties, visit the project website at


2/19/2018 7:50 AM