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New Bridge Opens on Green Level Church Road in Cary

RALEIGH - Motorists can once again travel on Green Level Church Road over White Oak Creek in Cary with this afternoon's opening of a new bridge at that location.

A $2.5 million dollar contract was awarded last year to replace a 60-year-old timber-based bridge. It was considered functionally obsolete, and unable to properly handle the increased traffic volume in a fast-growing area of Wake County.

The opening should alleviate some of the traffic on Green Level West, Wimberly and Jenks roads, which had been used as a detour route.

The new bridge includes a 10-foot sidewalk. The opening means pedestrians and cyclists will once again be able to access the White Oak Creek Greenway from the Green Level Church Road entrance. Access had been cut off when the bridge project started last August.


2/19/2018 7:50 AM