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Required Triangle Expressway Toll Rate Increase Begins January 1

RALEIGH -A slight increase in the toll rate for the Triangle Expressway will take effect Jan. 1, 2014, as required by bond covenant. The NC Turnpike Authority Board adopted a schedule of annual toll rate increases based on the bond covenant in the financing requirements of the Triangle Expressway project.

The average increase will be $0.13 one-way for NC Quick Pass Customers and $0.18 for bill-by-mail customers traveling from N.C. 147 at I-40 to the N.C. 55 Bypass.

In June 2013, the Board passed a resolution to delay beginning the tolling in July 2013 and advance scheduled increases in order to synchronize toll rate adjustments across all phases of the Expressway.

Traffic and revenue on the Triangle Expressway continues to surpass the numbers that were projected in the 2009 Traffic and Revenue Study. In addition, there are steady gains in toll transactions per month, with more than 2 million in September.

New partnerships now make it easier for NC Quick Pass customers to travel throughout the eastern United States. Quick Pass transponders are now compatible with 16 E-ZPass and 5 SunPass agencies, allowing drivers with a NC Quick Pass to use it in 15 states. It is the largest interoperability footprint in the nation.

For more information on NC Quick Pass, please visit the website at


2/19/2018 7:49 AM