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Students Competed for First Place in Annual Bridge Building Competition in Raleigh Today

RALEIGH - Middle and high school students from across the state traveled to Raleigh today to compete for first place in the final round of the annual Statewide Model Bridge Building Competition.

Students from each school were given the opportunity to demonstrate math and science skills as well as public speaking skills. Each team provided an oral presentation and then had their model bridge tested for efficiency. Winners were chosen based on a combination of the two.

The competition was hosted by the N.C. Department of Transportation and was sponsored by the Carolinas Associated General Contractors.

The winners are as follows:

Middle Schools High Schools

First Place: Exploris Middle SchoolFirst Place: Franklin Academy High School

Raleigh (Wake County) Wake Forest (Wake County)

Second Place: Clarkton School of Discovery Second Place: East Bladen High School

Clarkton (Bladen County) Elizabethtown (Bladen County)

Third Place: Elise Middle School Third Place: North Moore High School

Robbins (Moore County) Robbins (Moore County)

Fourth Place: Polk Middle School Fourth Place: Enka High School

Mill Spring (Polk County) Candler (Buncombe County)

Most Unique Design: Elise Middle School Most Unique Design: North Moore High School

Best Presentation: Elise Middle School Best Presentation: Franklin Academy High School

The competition is designed to create a greater awareness of careers in and services provided by the transportation industry. Though the competition emphasizes the development of math and science skills, it also provides an opportunity to use problem-solving strategies and critical thinking, enhance communication skills, and apply research and presentation skills.


2/19/2018 7:50 AM