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Upgrade of Triad Traffic Camera Network Nearly Complete

RALEIGH - Motorists in the Triad area will soon have access to 76 new traffic cameras as an N.C. Department of Transportation project to upgrade the region's traffic camera network nears completion. By the end of next week, a total of 168 traffic cameras will help drivers save time and money by allowing them to use the real-time images to make smart decisions to avoid any traffic trouble spots.

Through NCDOT's Traveler Information Management System, a strategic traffic camera network offers a live look at how traffic is flowing in various locations across the state, and provides motorists with an easy way to "know before you go" about congestion, accidents or construction-related traffic pattern changes.

NCDOT also uses the cameras to make travel safer by instantly dispatching response teams when accidents happen, cars break down in the roadway or debris blocks a lane of traffic. NCDOT's Incident Management Assistance Patrols, as well as law enforcement officers, work together to handle these situations and efficiently get vehicles moving again.

As NCDOT's network of traffic cameras grows to include additional camera locations in the Triad, a video switch must be upgraded to accommodate the new camera feeds. This will require all Triad traffic cameras to be taken offline on Wednesday, Oct. 2 and Thursday, Oct. 3. No images from the cameras will be available during this time.

Once the video switch is upgraded, the cameras will come back online and images will gradually return. Images from all 168 cameras are expected to be available on TIMS and to the media no later than Friday, Oct. 11.

The cost of implementing the new traffic cameras was included in the contracts of several other NCDOT projects in the Triad. The recently completed U.S 52 Improvement Project in Winston-Salem restored 16 cameras that were taken offline when that project began, and added 28 new cameras in Winston-Salem. In Greensboro, a project to upgrade the city's computerized signal system included the installation of 32 new traffic cameras.

The video switch upgrade will also allow 53 additional cameras to be added to the network in the future, without requiring an interruption in service. These cameras are expected to be set up in several major work zones in the Winston-Salem area, including the Macy Grove Road Improvement Project, the Union Cross Road Widening Project, and the Salem Creek Connector Project.

For real-time travel information during the traffic camera network upgrade or at any time, call 511, visit or follow NCDOT on Twitter at Another option is NCDOT Mobile, a phone-friendly version of the NCDOT website. To access it, type "" into the browser of your smartphone. Then, bookmark it to save for future reference. NCDOT Mobile is compatible with the iPhone, Android and some newer Blackberry phones.

For more information on the traffic camera upgrade project, contact NCDOT Triad Regional Transportation Management Center Operations Engineer Michael Venable at (336) 315-7080.



2/19/2018 7:49 AM