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$4.7 Million Contract Awarded to Resurface Roads in Robeson County

RALEIGH - The N.C. Department of Transportation has awarded a contract to resurface more than 44 miles of roads in Robeson County, including sections of N.C. 72, N.C. 130 and eighteen sections of secondary roads. The $4.7 million contract was awarded to Barnhill Contracting Company of Fayetteville. Work can begin as early as July 28 and is scheduled to be completed May 29, 2015. As part of the contract, crews will resurface the following roads:14.8 miles of N.C. 72 from N.C. 711 to N.C. 701;4 miles of N.C. 130 from U.S. 501 to N.C. 83;3.7 miles of McLeod Drive from N.C. 130 to Oquinn Road;3.7 miles of Phillips Road from Beulah Church Road to N.C. 72; 2.3 miles of Midway Road from Fairley Road to N.C. 130; 2 miles of Starlite Drive from W. Fifth Street to N.C. 41; 1.9 miles of Hoke Road from Hoke County line to N.C. 211; 1.7 miles of Arthur Road from N.C. 71 to Mount Zion Church Road; 1.6 miles of Centerville Church Road from Clifton Road to Mcdonald Road;1.5 miles of Blanchard Road from Carolina Church Road to U.S. 301; 1.4 miles of Sanchez Drive from Kenny Biggs Road to N.C. 41; 1.3 miles of Veterans Road from N.C. 20 to dead end; 1.2 miles of Briarcliff Lane from U.S. 74 to Crawford Road; 1.2 miles of T & P Road from Beulah Church Road to Old Whiteville Road;1 mile of Dunn Road from city of Lumberton to Kenny Biggs Road; 0.4 miles of Cold Storage Road from N.C. 72 to dead end; 0.4 miles of Nash Road from N.C. 20 to Veterans Road;0.2 miles of Willoughby Drive from N.C. 20 to Nash Road; 0.2 miles of Jason's Place from N.C. 20 to Veterans Road; and 0.2 miles of Rowland Lane from N.C. 20 to Nash Road. This is one of the 18 road and bridge contracts worth $248.1 million recently awarded by NCDOT for projects across North Carolina. The contracts were awarded to the lowest bidders, as required by state law. The low bids received on the projects were three percent, or about $8.3 million below NCDOT estimates.


2/15/2018 5:23 PM