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Completion of I-485 Outer Loop In Mecklenburg County Scheduled For Spring 2015

CHARLOTTE -As work continues on the final 5.7 -mile segment of the Charlotte Outer Loop in northeast Mecklenburg County, the N.C. Department of Transportation and contractor Blythe Construction will soon be faced with lower temperatures and seasonal limitations that will slow the project's completion. Although the Department and the contractor were planning to complete work by the end of December, engineers now are anticipating the completion will be spring 2015.

The current controlling operation is paving the new section of I-485. Once completed, pavement markings will be installed, concurrent with lighting and sign installation. With winter approaching, lower temperatures will likely slow progress. Once temperatures go lower than 50 degrees, asphalt cannot set properly, which is why roadway paving isn't done between November and March.

In addition, the existing onsite concrete plant near the Prosperity Church Road interchange will soon be dismantled, requiring an offsite supplier to haul materials to pave approximately 1500 feet of the highway in both directions around the plant's location.

NCDOT will continue to work with the contractor to do as much as possible to accelerate the completion, with the recognition that inclement conditions may still impede that process. The Department will continue to make every effort to finish this critical segment of the Outer Loop so motorists can reach their destinations sooner and more efficiently.



2/15/2018 5:23 PM