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Crews Working on the I-40/440 Fortify Project Crush Old Concrete to Use Under the New Highway

Granite Construction Committed to Sustainability

Raleigh-Motorists traveling through the Fortify Construction zone on I-40/440 in Raleigh may notice a couple pieces of huge machinery spitting out gravel all along the project route. That gravel is piled high all the way up to the 64/264 split and will eventually be leveled out to go under the new asphalt.

The beauty of these piles of rocks is they are recycled. The concrete under the old road is being dug up and crushed (thanks to those big machines) and will be used as part of the foundation of the new highway, instead of having to buy and bring in new gravel. That's great news to us at NCDOT because it saves money. And saving money means saving taxpayer dollars. Your dollars.



2/15/2018 5:23 PM