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Eastern NCDOT Crews Transfer to the Piedmont to Help with Stage Two of Winter Storm

RALEIGH- As forecasters predict more snow and ice to hit the Triangle and Triad in the second wave of the historic winter storm, NCDOT crews from the eastern part of the state are coming to the aid of their colleagues in central Carolina. At this time, in the eastern portions of the state, the snow is thawing and the roads are clear, so conditions allow some crews and supplies to be transferred to the regions expected to be hardest hit without impacting the maintenance of the roads in some eastern divisions.

It was the other way around two weeks ago when the eastern part of the state bore the brunt of the storm and crews from the less impacted Piedmont and Mountain regions transferred to the east to help clear snow and ice.

All across the state, as this latest storm moved in, crews worked 24 hours a day to help plow and sand in an effort to make the roads safe for motorists. They are now either clearing or preparing for the second wave to move in.

Here's a statewide look at the road conditions:

  • Eastern Carolina-the snow is melting, interstates, highways and primary roads are clear. The concern now is flooding in low lying areas.
  • Central Carolina-Most interstates and highways are clear, but ramps are slushy. Depending on the second round of the storm expected to move in later today, NCDOT crews will either clear primary and secondary roads tonight and tomorrow. Or, if the storm warrants, repeat clearing efforts on the interstates and highways. Scattered reports of downed trees and power lines.
  • Western Carolina-Most interstates, highways and primary roads are down to the pavement, but are wet. Ramps are slushy. Crews plan to clear secondary roads either Friday or Saturday, but may need to repeat clearing efforts on interstates and highways, depending on the intensity of this second band of snow and ice expected to move in later today. Approximately 40 trees are down across the mountain division.

Governor Pat McCrory and Transportation Secretary Tony Tata remind citizens to stay at home during this statewide emergency. Not only will this allow NCDOT crews to efficiently plow and sand routes, it keeps residents safe.

For real-time travel information at any time, call 511, visit or follow NCDOT on Twitter Another option is NCDOT Mobile, a phone-friendly version of the NCDOT website. To access it, type "" into the browser of your smartphone. Then, bookmark it to save for future reference. NCDOT Mobile is compatible with the iPhone, Android and some newer Blackberry phones.


2/15/2018 5:24 PM