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Ice Storm Debris Cleanup Starts Next Week in Durham and Person counties; The following week in Granville County

Raleigh -The N. C. Department of Transportation cleanup of vegetation debris from March 6-7 ice storm that hit central North Carolina will start in part of Durham County on Monday, March 31, to be followed by debris collection beginning in Person County two days later. The debris collection will expand to Granville County the following week.

In Durham County, the collecting will be done in areas north of I-85. It will involve debris that fell in state road rights of way, or that was pushed there as crews cleared roads immediately after the storm. There will not be collection of debris originating in residents' yards or along private roads.

Person and Granville counties are among the nine counties in the state that Governor McCrory asked the President to declare federal disaster areas. That will enable the state to receive federal funds to help pay for the cleanup, and allows the NCDOT to also collect debris brought to the rights of way by residents along state roads.

In order to expedite debris cleanup, residents in Person and Granville counties who live on state-maintained roads only are asked to place their vegetative debris along the side of the roadway as soon as possible. Do not place debris in travel lanes or in areas where it will block drainage, mailboxes or fire hydrants, or create issues for motorists and pedestrians.

Please keep the following in mind while collecting debris for removal:

Check your homeowners insurance as often debris cleanup is covered by insurance and arrangements for its collection would be handled by the insurance company; NCDOT will only collect vegetation debris such as trees and limbs; and Property owners are asked to cut storm-related vegetation debris into five- or six-foot pieces, if possible



2/15/2018 5:24 PM