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N.C. Board of Transportation Approves Sponsorship Policy for NCDOT Programs, Services

RALEIGH -The N.C. Board of Transportation has approved a policy that allows for private sponsorship of several of the N.C. Department of Transportation's operational programs and services. This new policy exemplifies NCDOT's continuing commitment to look for innovative ways to provide additional revenue to fund transportation needs across the state.

"The demands on our transportation infrastructure are rapidly increasing, making it difficult to fund needed improvements through our traditional revenue sources alone," Transportation Secretary Tony Tata said. "Through private sponsorships, we can more fully leverage the opportunities our transportation system has to offer and gain additional resources that will help ensure North Carolina's future success."

NCDOT already offers the opportunity to participate in its Sponsor-A-Highway litter removal program, and those opportunities will continue under this policy. The Sponsor-A-Highway program allows individuals, businesses or organizations to pay for a privately operated litter removal company to clean up the roadside along a selected one-mile section of highway. In return, the sponsor's logo is displayed on a blue Sponsor-A-Highway sign.

Other possible sponsorship opportunities include:

Sponsorship could come in different forms. An organization, business or individual could provide support for the maintenance, operation or enhancement of an NCDOT program, service or facility through monetary payments or voluntary activity. In return, a sign or plaque acknowledging the sponsorship could be installed at an appropriate location. The placement and design of the signs/plaques would follow sound and basic engineering practices such as restricting the size, simplifying the message content and minimizing driver distraction.

A sponsorship oversight committee will manage the program. It will ensure that any agreement conforms to federal guidelines and state laws, as well as the department's public-private partnerships policy and procedures. Sponsorship agreements may be of any duration that is economically feasible and provides a benefit to the public. NCDOT reserves the right to end any sponsorship agreement if it determines there are safety concerns, or it is not in the state or public interest.



2/15/2018 5:23 PM