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NCDOT Awards $16 Million to Rail Improvement Projects Statewide

Raleigh - The N.C. Department of Transportation recently awarded more than $16 million to 40 projects across the state through the Freight Rail and Rail Crossing Safety Improvement program. The program, established in 2013 by the General Assembly through Senate Bill 402, utilizes dividends received by the North Carolina Railroad Company. The fund supports projects that improve freight service and the safety of rail-highway crossings in the state.

The funding went to the following projects:

$4.7 million to eight projects which will close seven at-grade crossings around the state and improve adjacent crossings;

$240,000 to replace an at-grade crossing in Mount Airy;

$3 million to 13 projects that will improve rail access for companies and enhance the ability to move freight via the rail network;

$200,000 to "Project C" in transportation Division 1 with the requirement that the proposed industry commit to creating new jobs and using rail shipping for business needs;

$5.3 million to 14 projects that will improve short line railroads by adding capacity, increasing operating efficiency and enhancing safety on these critical rural development corridors;

$1.9 million to two projects that will modernize rail crossing signals; and

$833,000 to a project to modernize and add capacity to the Wilmington Terminal Railroad at the Port of Wilmington.

A detailed list of projects is available online.


2/15/2018 5:23 PM