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NCDOT Continues Evaluating Ballots for Noise Walls on I-277 in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE -The N.C. Department of Transportation is continuing to review ballots used to gather votes in support of or against proposed noise walls on I-277 near the Fourth Ward neighborhood in uptown Charlotte.

At NCDOT's request, an outside contractor, Atkins, has been reviewing the recent ballots to validate the votes and to ensure all qualified ballots are counted. NCDOT has utilized property and tax records to contact stakeholders who would have the opportunity to vote for or against the noise walls.

Yesterday, Atkins staff visited properties anticipated to receive a reduction of at least five decibels if a noise wall is constructed to assess if these properties were vacant, or occupied by tenants or owners. Where no answer was received, a door tag was left providing contact information. Atkins will return Tuesday, April 1 to collect any remaining door tags.

Atkins will also contact building managers and homeowner associations to see if any lists exist detailing which properties are owner occupied, tenant occupied or vacant.

The proposed walls are part of the project to add High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes along I-77 from the Brookshire Freeway to N.C. 150 in Iredell County. The walls will help reduce future traffic noise levels along I-277 when the project is completed.


2/15/2018 5:24 PM