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NCDOT Expanding Storm Debris Cleanup to Granville, Person, Caswell, Randolph, Davidson, and Davie Counties; joining Orange, Guilford and Alamance counties

Raleigh -The N.C. Department of Transportation is expanding the cleanup of vegetation debris from the March 6-7 ice storm to six additional counties. A debris assessment by North Carolina Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency indicates that in addition to the original three counties, Orange, Alamance and Guilford, the extent of damage in Granville, Person, Caswell, Randolph, Davidson and Davie counties meets the threshold for a federal disaster declaration. A damage assessment report and letter requesting the federal declaration are being prepared for Governor McCrory to send to the President.

A disaster declaration means the state would receive federal funds to help pay for the debris cleanup.

As a result of the expected declaration in those counties, the North Carolina Department of Transportation will remove debris that has fallen in the right-of-way, in addition to debris relocated to the right-of-way by property owners along state roads. NCDOT staff is determining cost estimates of the cleanup effort so it can award emergency contracts for debris removal. The Governor's State of Emergency declaration earlier this month enables NCDOT to waive the usual contract bidding process, which would take several weeks. Once contracts are awarded, a schedule for debris pickup will be set and publicized.

In order to expedite debris cleanup, residents in the nine counties who live on state-maintained roads are asked to place debris along the side of the roadway as soon as possible. Do not place debris in travel lanes or in areas where it will block drainage, mailboxes or fire hydrants, or create issues for motorists and pedestrians.

Please keep the following in mind while collecting debris for removal:

  • Check your homeowners insurance as often debris cleanup is covered by insurance and arrangements for its collection would be handled by the insurance company.
  • NCDOT will only collect vegetation debris such as trees and limbs; and
  • Property owners are asked to cut storm-related vegetation debris into five- or six-foot pieces, if possible.

For residents in counties that were affected, but do not meet the threshold for a federal declaration, they should follow their county's debris removal plan.


2/15/2018 5:24 PM