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NCDOT Maintenance Crews in Eastern North Carolina Prepare for Upcoming Winter Weather Season

Note: Crews in Wilson County will make their pre-season checks and perform dry runs on Wednesday, Nov. 5 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Wilson County Maintenance Yard, located behind the Division Four office at 509 Ward Boulevard, Wilson. Media interested in getting footage should contact the NCDOT Communications Office at (919) 707-2660.
RALEIGH - Although snow is not forecast for eastern North Carolina in the near future, N.C. Department of Transportation maintenance crews are using this time to make sure that personnel, equipment and supplies are ready for any wintry precipitation that may come our way this season.Maintenance crews in Edgecombe, Halifax, Johnston, Nash, Wayne and Wilson counties, the six counties within NCDOT's Division Four, are currently in the process of checking and topping off supplies of salt, sand and salt brine and making sure that all equipment necessary to respond to winter weather is performing as expected and ready for use. Another item crews check off their winter weather preparation to-do list is performing "dry runs." As long as winter weather is not forecast to begin as rain, NCDOT maintenance crews will spread salt brine on state-maintained roads in order of interstates, primary routes (U.S. and N.C. routes) major secondary roads and then other local state-maintained roads. Routes will then be cleared in this same order. A dry run allows all drivers and personnel to get familiar with routes to be brined and cleared. During a dry run, crews will travel their designated routes and make note of any changes that need to be made this season, such as closures due to construction projects and new roads that need to be added to their route. "We have restocked all supplies and are ready for whatever comes our way in Division Four this season," said Division Four Maintenance Engineer Chris Pendergraph. "Taking these preparations now means a quicker and more efficient response when winter weather hits eastern North Carolina." Visit our website for more information on NCDOT's preparations for winter weather, as well as safety tips for driving in inclement weather.


2/15/2018 5:23 PM