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NCDOT Now: Division of Aviation, Piedmont Improvement Project, Fortify, Booze It & Lose It Results

This week's edition of "NCDOT Now," the department's weekly video news update, is now online. Just click below to watch.

This week on "NCDOT Now:"
  • We'll discuss the impact of North Carolina's airports on the state economy.
  • Plus, work has started on the rail line near Salisbury to improve travel times between Raleigh and Charlotte.
  • And, we'll unveil some safety tiles to keep motorists safe who drive through a major construction zone in Raleigh.
"NCDOT Now" is posted every week.

"NCDOT Now" is also available on the department'sYouTube page. Current and past editions of the broadcast are easily accessible by clicking on "Playlists" and selecting "NCDOT Now."

An RSS feed of the program is also offered for those who want to subscribe and receive automatic updates via email each time a new edition is posted.


2/15/2018 5:24 PM