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NCDOT Workers' Heroics Prevent Tragedy on I-40 in Davie County

Raleigh An NCDOT Davie County work crew is being credited with preventing what could have been a tragic accident along I-40 in Davie County.On the morning of December 4, shortly before noon, Davie County Fire Marshall Jerry K. Myers was traveling north on U.S. 601 when he saw a vehicle turn onto the exit ramp of Interstate 40 East. The driver proceeded the wrong way down the exit ramp, and started traveling west in the eastbound lane. In an attempt to stop the vehicle, Myers got on I-40 West, went to the next exit, and then drove back east to look for the wrong-way vehicle.By the time he got back to the exit ramp, several workers with the N.C. Department of Transportation who had been working on the side of the interstate had managed to stop the vehicle and warn oncoming traffic of the hazard ahead."If the workers that day had not taken the actions they had putting themselves in danger," said Fire Marshall Myers, "there is no doubt the outcome would have certainly turned into a tragic event.""On the way to overtake the vehicle I passed two tractor trailers and due to their speed at the time and the topography of the land they most surely would not have seen the vehicle in question in time to react," said Myers. He added, "The NCDOT workers that day prevented a tragic event from unfolding in our county that unfortunately we have seen on more than one occasion. Their selfless action no doubt saved the lives of not only the person in the passenger car but an unknown scenario of what could have been a major incident."Myers sent a letter of recommendation to the workers who were involved: Transportation Supervisor David Plagemann, and Transportation Workers Jerry Lee Burcham, Daniel Devoid, Cory Robertson, Andy Reavis and Elmer Hendren.NCDOT Division 9 engineer Pat Ivey is nominating the crew for The Extra Mile Award which recognizes NCDOT employees who go beyond their normal duties in service to the state of North Carolina.

Pictured from left to right: Daniel Devoid, Jerry Lee Burcham, Andy Reavis, Elmer Hendren, David Plagemann, Cory Robertson



2/15/2018 5:23 PM