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Rail Unloading Could Delay Travel Today around N.C. 54/Church Street in Morrisville

RALEIGH - The $27 million rail and road project is designed to improve safety on Hopson Road, as well as speed up train travel along the Charlotte-Raleigh corridor by eliminating railroad crossings at Hopson Road and Church Street. A bridge wide enough to accommodate any future widening of Hopson Road is being built to carry train tracks over the road, replacing the existing street level crossing. In addition, Church Street is being realigned to close its railroad crossing, creating an intersection with Hopson Road.

The project is part of the Piedmont Improvement Program to modernize railroad track, roads and bridges along the corridor between Raleigh and Charlotte.

Durham/Morrisville Railroad Improvements and Grade Separation


2/15/2018 5:23 PM