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Repairs on Hammond Road Will Keep One Southbound Lane Closed Overnight

RALEIGH - The right southbound lane of Hammond Road at the Rush Street intersection in south Raleigh will remain closed overnight as N.C. Department of Transportation crews work to repair a dip that developed in the southbound lanes. The problem is in the same area where earlier this month a sinkhole developed that also closed those lanes.

It's believed the dip in the roadway was caused by some settling of the large amount of fill that was placed in a 25-30 foot hole that was dug to determine the cause of the sinkhole. Some pavement was added to the sunken area today, and a steel plate installed along the left lane for support to allow vehicles to use it.

On Friday, crews plan to add new fill and re-open the right lane.

A broken pipe was found when the cause of the sinkhole was being investigated, but it was decided it was too dangerous for crews to work in the deep hole dug to reach the pipe. So the pipe was capped off, the hole refilled and the road repaved. Instead, the broken pipe will be repaired soon by boring into the pipe location from a side embankment along Hammond Road, and installing the new pipe in that manner.

Southbound drivers can continue through the intersection using the left lane, and can turn right at Rush Street toward South Saunders Street, or left toward Garner Road. Motorists are reminded to allow extra time when traveling through the area, or to seek an alternate route. Northbound Hammond Road lanes are both open.

For real-time travel information at any time, call 511, visit the NCDOT traffic website or follow NCDOT on Twitter. Another option is NCDOT Mobile, a phone-friendly version of the NCDOT website.



2/15/2018 5:23 PM