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$2.6 Million Contract Awarded to Chatham County Project

Raleigh - The N.C. Department of Transportation has awarded a contract toresurface 23 miles of Chatham County roads. This project includes resurfacing U.S. 421 from Lee County to Plank Road, N.C. 87 from the roundabout to Degraffenreidt Road and 12 sections of secondary roads.

The work will include widening, milling, resurfacing and shoulder reconstruction. Crews can begin as early as August 31, and work is anticipated to be complete by August 2016.

The project will involve asphalt surface treatment. This work is part of NCDOT's yearly resurfacing for roadway preservation. Pavement preservation is like changing the oil in your car, as basic maintenance can help avoid more expensive repairs later. It's important to make minor improvements to good roads regularly because it delays major road repairs that are much more costly, time-consuming and disruptive to motorists. The contractor crews will repair cracked or weathered pavement, which will extend the life of the roads, reduce further maintenance needs and increase motorist comfort and mobility.

Riley Paving Company of Carthage is the contractor for the project, which was awarded to the lowest bidder as required by state law.

This is one of 25 road and bridge projects recently awarded by the Department of Transportation. They are worth $76.1 million, which is $4.3 million below NCDOT engineers' estimated cost.


4/16/2018 4:29 PM