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Blasting, Survey Work To Temporarily Close I-85 on Sunday

Shelby - As construction progresses on the new weigh station along Interstate 85 in Gaston County, the N.C. Department of Transportation will temporarily close a portion of the interstate on Sunday, Jan. 25, for survey work and a blasting operation.

Crews are planning to close a portion of I-85 twice on Sunday, for roughly 15 minutes each time. The interstate will close first at7 a.m. for surveying and then again at 9 am for blasting and surveying. The blast itself should last only a few seconds and will sound like a low rumble of thunder.

This blast and surveying work will follow the same protocol as blasts done last fall along the new weigh station construction site.

For southbound traffic, crews will close the entrance ramp from Exit 13 to I-85 South and pace traffic starting after Exit 14 (N.C.274). For northbound traffic, both exits from N.C.74 onto I-85 north at Exit 10 will be closed to traffic. They will pace traffic starting at Exit 8 (N.C. 161) for I-85 North.

When all traffic on both north- and southbound I-85is clear of the blasting/surveying area, then the project contractor will begin the blasting work. After the blasting, the contractor will make sure I-85 is clear of any debris, and then traffic will be released to its normal flow. The amount of time for traffic flow to return to normal after the blast will depend on traffic volume in the area at the time of the blasting.

The new weigh station includes construction of the truck scale building and booth, as well as grading, drainage and paving around the new facility. Sloan Construction, a division of Reeves Construction Company, was awarded the contract.

Once completed, the new weigh station will have space for five offices, three unisex restrooms, as well as a lobby with vending area for truck drivers. The existing weigh station on I-85 northbound about 10 miles southwest of Charlotte will close after the new facility opens.

For photos of the weigh station construction, visit NCDOT's Flickr page.

The project is scheduled for completion in November 2016.


4/16/2018 4:30 PM