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NCDOT Statewide Excellence Award Given to Triad Business Officer

WINSTON-SALEM -The N.C. Department of Transportation has named the winner of the Brent Hamilton Excellence Award. NCDOT Division 9 Business Officer Willie Bradwell, Jr. was recognized by his peers during today's Board of Transportation meeting as this years' honoree.
Division 9 Engineer Pat Ivey said, "Bradwell was the perfect choice for the reward in part because of his thorough knowledge of financial and accounting principles and the highest level of professional competence and ethical standards."
Bradwell began his career at NCDOT in November 1995 as the Division 9 accounting technician and has served as the division business officer since 2000. Prior to coming to NCDOT, he worked with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Florida State University.
Division 9 Board Member Jake Alexander said, "His commitment to the highest integrity has been noticed by all who work with him, myself included. Mr. Bradwell is consistently a good steward of taxpayer dollars. He helps counties keep a balanced inventory by researching issues himself and works to help the field achieve the goals set in place by our Division and by the staff in Raleigh. Willie is indeed an excellent choice for this Award."
While Mr. Bradwell's main focus is on Division 9, his expertise is sought out on many statewide projects and various workgroups. He provides guidance and assistance to other Divisions and is held in very high regard by many of his colleagues across the state as evidenced by the following comments compiled for this nomination:

  • Kathy Walker (Division 7) - "After I became the business officer, Willie physically came to Division 7 and showed me how to research to see where we had funds. He walked me through the process of creating funding documents. He showed me how to reconcile the overdrafts. He walked me through the process of allocating funds. He brought copies of his personal notes that he thought would be helpful. He has assisted me when I had inventory questions. He has shared excel spreadsheet formats that he has come up with that he thought would be beneficial to me. He has always been very patient and kind. Willie always has time for me and I will forever be thankful for him."
  • Melissa Dorman (NCDOT Financial Services Division) - "I think Willie is an excellent candidate for the Brent Hamilton award. In Fiscal, Willie is viewed as a business officer who is always on top of things. He is well respected and knowledgeable and always asks questions to ensure that his Division is operating properly. I have heard several Highway Division business officers make the statement that if they needed to know how to tackle a new situation; they would contact Willie for advice and to see how he would handle the same matter in his Division."
  • Fred Little (Division 6) - "Going back to my days as an accountant in the State Project Funding Unit (SPFU) of Accounting Operations (AO), I worked with and came to know all 14 Business Officers (BO), one of whom was Willie Bradwell. Although each had his/her own unique way of doing business in a unique division office, Willie stood out as the business officers' business officer. Anytime I wanted to contact all B.O.s as a group, I would ask Willie to proof what I had to say for accuracy, clarity and relevance. And, when I sought the opinion of any one B.O., I would always seek out Willie for his candor and insight. Seven years ago, I became a B.O. myself, here in Fayetteville with Division 6. I immediately reached out to Willie for guidance. He took me in like he had gotten a new job, too, i.e. training Fred. I drove the two-plus hours to Winston-Salem twice to work hands-on with Willie and his uncommonly-capable Accoun


2/15/2018 5:22 PM