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NCDOT Summer Intern Spotlight: Austyn Beci

RALEIGH - Austyn Beci, a rising junior at N.C. State University, is interning this summer with NCDOT's Traffic Safety Unit in Raleigh.
As the summer engineering assistant with the Highway Safety Improvement Program, Austyn was able to bring her Civil Engineering major to life by analyzing crash report data and collision diagrams.
NCDOT's Traffic Safety Programs work to identify, develop, implement and evaluate safety and traffic operational strategies. Specifically, the Highway Safety Improvement Program's purpose is to provide a procedure that identifies traffic safety concerns throughout the state. The goal of the HSIP process is to reduce the number of traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities by reducing the potential for these incidents on public roadways.
"It's really interesting to see how after improvement programs are put in place, what the outcome is; like if there are more or less accidents, or how severe certain crashes are," says Beci.
As a summer engineering assistant, students have the opportunity to learn about the work performed at NCDOT and gain hands on experience in their career field, with hopes that the interns will return for full-time employment after graduating.
After interning with NCDOT, Beci is able to have a better idea of what type of engineering she wants to be a part of.
"Before I was not sure if I was interested in traffic or not. But now I am definitely into it so I am going to be taking classes at N.C. State in this field. They offer a Traffic Safety class so I am going to enroll in that," said Beci.


2/15/2018 5:21 PM