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NCDOT Summer Intern Spotlight: Cydney Burton

Cydney Burton is a college student attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro. Majoring in Civil Engineering, she had the opportunity to intern with NCDOT's Aviation Division this summer as an engineering assistant."So far I've been doing a lot of traveling to the different airports. I create spreadsheets and budgets for next year's projects. I have also helped with the pavement managing reports," says Burton. When asked what her favorite part of the internship was she replied, "The view." The view consists of aircrafts flying in and out on the runways at the RaleighDurham International Airport. Burton has also had the opportunity to fly in a jet for her internship. "All of this is new to me; I didn't know that so much work went into helping keep the airports up. It's all interesting and it's a lot of fun," said Burton. "I've had the chance to visit a lot of different airports whenever there's an opportunity. It's pretty cool."The Summer Engineering Assistants Program offers civil, environmental or biological engineering students in good academic standing the opportunity to work one summer or consecutive summers as interns in the engineering field. Students learn about the work performed at NCDOT and gain valuable experience that counts toward eligibility for permanent employment. Based on need, there may be internship positions available for other majors also.


2/15/2018 5:21 PM