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NCDOT Working with City of Asheville to Improve Pedestrian Safety

SHELBY--TheN.C. Department of Transportationis collaborating with the city of Asheville to improve pedestrian safety along Merrimon Avenue and throughout the city.

NCDOTwill beworking with the city and anengineering firm to conduct a study on pedestrian safety. The study willanalyze available dataand identify trends and patterns to determine primary causes for pedestrian accidents inside the City of Asheville.The results of this study willhelp focus efforts to improve safety along our roadways for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Earlier this month, a pedestrian was struck and killed while crossing Merrimon Avenue at the Coleman Avenue intersection.At the location of the accident, NCDOTinstalled a new, high-visibility crosswalk and signs to make the crosswalk more visible to motorists. NCDOT is currentlyreviewing the area'saccident history, current traffic volumes, and the police report to identify further safety improvements. Whenthat investigation is completed in the coming weeks, NCDOTwillbe able to pursue funding for any infrastructure improvementsthrough the department'sRaleigh office.

NCDOT and the city arealso reviewing the other unsignalized crosswalks along Merrimon Avenue to identify further opportunities for improvement in the community.

For more information about improving bicycle and pedestrian safety statewide, visit NCDOT'sDivision of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation. There, you can find information about project development, safety initiatives and other data.


2/15/2018 5:22 PM