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NCDOT to Begin Repairs on Jetton Road in Cornelius Next Week

CHARLOTTE-Starting next week, theN.C Department of Transportationwillbegin rebuilding Jetton Road in Cornelius, a well traveledarterial route for the Lake Norman community.

The necessary repairswill have a relatively short but significant impact on residents in the area.Once the work is completed, motorists will enjoy a smoother ride along Jetton Road. In addition to resurfacing, subsurface damage will be repaired. The road will also look much better.

NCDOT awarded a contract to rebuild Jetton Road from west of Catawba Avenue to John Connor Road, a distance of roughly two miles. Blythe Brothers Asphalt Co. LLC of Charlotte was awarded the $1.5 million contract for the project.

Milling operations are scheduled to begin Tuesday, April 14.The project completion date in the contract is June 14.

During construction, traffic will be placed in a two-lane, two-way pattern allowing motorists to continue using the road while the work is completed.Motorists should be on the lookout for crews working along the road and pay close attention to the message signs.Access to residential driveways will be maintained at all times during the project. No nighttime work is planned at this time.

Jetton Road will be rebuilt using a process called full-depth reclamation. Full-depth reclamation is a pavement rehabilitation technique that allows the existing roadway material to be recycled and used to repair the road from the bottom up. Specialized construction vehicles will dig up and pulverize the existing road material, add cement and water, and compact the combination into a new, strong base for the surface. The process is more economical than traditional reconstruction, dramatically reduces truck traffic to and from the work zone, and reduces the amount of time needed to repair the roadway.

Motorists are urged to slow down and use extreme caution when traveling through this active work zone. There will be loose material in and around the construction site, so failure to drive slowly could result in chipped paint or cracked glass on vehicles. Cement dust created during the construction process could also collect on vehicles and nearby homes, yards and driveways.

If you have questions during the project, you can contact the NCDOT's District Office at 980-523-0000 or you can contact the Town of Cornelius at 704-892-6031.

NCDOT and the Town of Cornelius are working together to ensure the work on Jetton Road is completed in a timely and efficient manner. Once the road is repaired, NCDOT will turn over ownership and future maintenance responsibilities to the Town of Cornelius.


2/15/2018 5:22 PM