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NCDOT to Build Temporary Rock Road to Help Stranded New Hanover County Residents

Wilmington - To help residents who are trying to deal with heavily flooded and virtually impassable Edgewater Club Road in the Porters Neck area of northern New Hanover County, the N.C. Department of Transportation plans to build a temporary rock road through the flooded area beginning Wednesday morning.
About 9 a.m., crews from five area NCDOT county offices in the southeastern part of the state will begin placing rock down on the flooded roadway. While that work is under way, the road will be shut down to all traffic, even vehicles that had been able to get through the flood water.
The initial loads of rocks will be placed in a pattern to create a one-lane stretch of about 400 to 500 feet along the flooded road. Crews will then re-load their trucks with slightly smaller rocks to place on the base layer. While they are doing that, it is hoped the roadway can briefly be opened in that one lane pattern. Once the next load of rocks arrives on the scene, the road will be shut down again. The process will be repeated one more time with loads of even smaller rocks put in place, and the road closed again. When the work is complete, tentatively later on Wednesday, there should be a temporary path that will allow motorists to go through the flooded area by driving on the rocks that put their vehicles above the water.
Drivers will need to proceed slowly and very cautiously on the temporary road and stay in a straight pattern to make sure they don't go down the side of the roadway into water.
New Hanover County and its Emergency Management Office will be sending a message to area resdents via a reverse phone notification on Tuesday night to let them know about the plan.


2/15/2018 5:21 PM