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Public Transportation Division Presents Performance Excellence Awards

RALEIGH -N.C. Department of Transportation's Public Transportation Division recently awarded their first-ever Performance Excellence Awards to public transit systems across the state.
Awards were given to both urban and rural outstanding transit systems in their peer groups. The two urban peer groups and five rural peer groups were established using geographic and demographic data. Transit systems operating in areas with similar populations and geography are grouped together.
The winners from the five rural peer groups were:
  • Peer Group 1 -Durham County ACCESS (Durham County)
  • Peer Group 2 -Davidson County Transportation (Davidson County)
  • Peer Group 3 -Lincoln County Transportation (Lincoln County)
  • Peer Group 4 -AppalCART (Watauga County)
  • Peer Group 5 -Swain County Focal Point on Aging (Swain County)
The winners from the two urban peer groups were:
  • Peer Group 1 -NC State University Wolfline (Wake County)
  • Peer Group 2 -Tar River Transit (Edgecombe and Nash Counties)
NCDOT considered criteria such as operating costs, average number of riders and average costs for riders to determine the winners. The awards were designed to recognize the state's transit systems while helping them measure their successes.
For more information about public transportation in North Carolina, visit the Public Transportation Division website.
Pictured above from left to right: Marlene Vinson (Swain County Focal Point on Aging), Craig Hughes (AppalCART), Kristal Ford (Lincoln County Transportation), Linda Thomas-Wallace (Durham County ACCESS)


2/15/2018 5:21 PM