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Roundabout to be Installed at Durham Intersection

Raleigh-N.C. Department of Transportation contractors will be installing a roundabout at the intersection of Carver Street and Broad Street/Keenan Road in Durham. Work is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 10 and be completed by Friday, October 9.While work is being done, the intersection will be closed. Motorists can follow a signed detour along Carver Street, Stadium Drive and Duke Street. A roundabout is an intersection where all traffic flows in one direction, counter clockwise around a center island, without using traffic signals. It requires drivers entering the roundabout to yield the right of way to traffic already in it, keeping traffic flowing and preventing backups and delays. Roundabouts also help reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions because vehicles are going in a low rate of speed and all in the same direction, and there is no light that a driver might be tempted to beat to go through a regular type of intersection. In addition to improved safety and better traffic flow, because vehicles don't have to wait for a traffic light to change, a roundabout also cuts down on pollution and fuel use. For real-time travel information at any time, visit the Traveler Services section of the NCDOT website or follow NCDOT on Twitter. You can also access NCDOT Mobile, a version of the NCDOT website especially for mobile devices. Visit from your mobile browser.


2/15/2018 5:21 PM