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This Week at NCDOT: Making Your Travel Easier this Holiday Weekend

25th anniversary of I-40 from Raleigh to Wilmington, travel tips for the Fourth of July, Booze it & Lose it: Operation Firecracker keeps drunk drivers off the road, moped registration requirements start July 1 and congressmen make a visit to the Port of Wilmington
RALEIGH - The following are highlights from the past week at the N.C. Department of Transportation. Several of the below stories are also featured in our weekly newscast, NCDOT Now, which can be viewed by clicking here.
25th Anniversary of Interstate 40 from Raleigh to Wilmington
June 29 marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of I-40 from Raleigh to Wilmington. This 121-mile-long stretch of interstate connected North Carolina's mountains to the coast with a four-lane, divided highway. It was also the last section of I-40 to open in the country, completing the 2,554-mile-long interstate.
To make sure everyone has a safe and stress-free trip during the holiday weekend, NCDOT will suspend most road construction activities on major routes across the state. Eliminating traffic delays will help you reach your destination quicker and safer, while also saving on fuel consumption.
From June 26 through July 5, law enforcement agencies across North Carolina will step up efforts to get drunk drivers off the roads as part of Booze it & Lose it: Operation Firecracker.
The campaign also serves to remind drivers that they have options and drunk driving is not one of them. Instead of driving, you can: take the bus or cab, get a ride from a friend, or use an app to get a ride.
On Wednesday, July 1, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles will introduce new statewide requirements for moped operators in accordance with House Bill 1145. These new regulations require all moped operators to register their vehicle with the DMV, and obtain a registration card and license plate, which must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle at all times.
The North Carolina State Ports Authority welcomed Congressman Bill Shuster (PA-9) and Congressman David Rouzer (NC-7) to the Port of Wilmington on Friday, June 19, where they discussed the importance of the Wilmington Harbor and the Port of Wilmington's impact on the state's economy.
North Carolina's Ports in Wilmington and Morehead City, plus inland terminals in Charlotte and in Greensboro, link the state's consumers, businesses and industry to world markets, and serve as magnets to attract new business and industry while receiving no direct taxpayer subsidy.
For more information on NCDOT Now, contact the NCDOT Communications Office at (919) 707-2660. Additional news stories from throughout the week can be found on NCDOT's online newsroom.


2/15/2018 5:22 PM