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Top Honors in NCDOT Statewide Model Bridge Building Competition Finals Announced

Raleigh -The winners of this year's 16th Annual NCDOT Model Bridge Building Competition have been announced. In the high school category, top honors went to Franklin Academy High School of Wake Forest. In the middle school category, Polk County Middle School came in first. Both schools won in their respective categories last year as well.

The finals were held in the Department of Transportation auditorium in Raleigh.

"Our NCDOT Model Bridge building Competition gives students an opportunity to construct and apply mathematical ideas and principles taught in their classroom," said Gail Herring, program coordinator with NCDOT.

Contestants were judged not only on the structural efficiency of their wooden model bridge, but on oral presentations, written reports and design drawings.

The object of the competition was to design, construct and test the most structurally efficient model truss bridge. It is also designed to create a greater awareness of STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) education and its relationship to careers provided by NCDOT.

Final Standings are as follows: High School:

First Place:Franklin Academy High School of Wake Forest Second Place:CamTech High School of Camden Third Place:North Moore High School of Robbins Fourth Place:Polk County High School of Columbus

Middle School:

First Place:Polk County Middle School of Mill Springs Second Place: Beaufort Middle Schoolof Beaufort Third Place:Westmoore Elementary School of Seagrove Fourth Place:Neal STEM Academy of Engineering & Design of Durham

The teams coming in first place received $500 checks for their school, second place teams will received $400, third place $300 and 4th place $200.



2/15/2018 5:22 PM