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Additional Equipment and Supplies Coming to Help Wake and Durham Winter Weather Cleanup

Raleigh - In Wake County, where more than 4,600 tons of salt have been put down since early Friday morning to help contend with snow and ice on state roads, help will come in the form of 12 truckloads of salt heading west from the Sampson County maintenance office early Sunday morning.

More than 100 department and contractor trucks and graders have been working on more than 1,000 lane miles of interstate and key U.S. and N.C. route highways in Wake County to clear snow and ice. With temperatures expected to reach into the 40's on Sunday, crews expect to expand that work to other N.C. highways and local secondary roads. NCDOT has nearly 6,000 lane miles of state roads in Wake County, the most of any county in the state.

In Durham County, crews have been working on 360 lane miles of interstate and U.S. and N.C. highways. Assistance will come Sunday from nine tandem trucks and two single axle trucks being shifted over from Craven County and that NCDOT division's special maintenance operations group. The Durham County maintenance office is responsible for more than 1,800 lane miles of state roads.

The assistance is available because counties in the eastern and southeastern parts of the state managed to escape major impacts from the weekend storm.

NCDOT's policy regarding the cleanup of roadways in winter weather calls for initial efforts to be on interstate and four-lane divided primary routes that play key roles in intrastate and regional traffic flow. Once those roads are cleared for good after a winter weather event, attention shifts to other primary roads, key secondary roads, then the remaining secondary roads, including in subdivisions.

In setting up the priority for these roads, NCDOT looks at connectivity, traffic volume, trucking routes and major business routes and importance to hospitals and emergency routes.


2/19/2018 7:49 AM