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DMV Driver License Services Return to Fort Bragg

Fayetteville - Secretaries Nick Tennyson and Cornell Wilson Jr., two members of Governor Pat McCrory's cabinet, participated today in a ribbon cutting for the new Fort Bragg Mobile Driver License Office. The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles is now offering driver license and special identification card services to soldiers and their family members at Fort Bragg.

"By bringing DMV services back to Fort Bragg for the first time since 2008, we are continuing our mission to make North Carolina the most military and veteran-friendly state in the nation," Governor McCrory said. "This first-of-its-kind mobile office will allow military members and their families to take care of their driver license business conveniently on post."

DMV services will be provided by its new compact, flexible mobile office. The new mobile unit will visit the Soldier Support Center every second, third and fourth Wednesday and Thursday each month. The office will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

"The return of DMV services to Fort Bragg is one of many improvements DMV is making through the governor's Driving Change' initiative," Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson said. "Through online services and the debut of the Fort Bragg Mobile Driver License Office, we are making DMV business as easy and convenient as possible for military members and their families."

The new state-of-the-art mobile office allows the DMV to offer the first-of-its-kind service in the nation. Credit card readers, mobile cameras, vision and knowledge skills testing is provided in each unit. The new units are replacing the aging RV-style mobile units that are expensive to operate with a flexible, cost-efficient solution mounted in SUVs. Each SUV holds side-by-side driver license desks that can be deployed in almost any location and will increase mobile sites from 24 to more than 70 sites statewide.

"This is one more step by this state to lighten the administrative load in the soldier's rucksack, enabling them to focus more on training for that next deployment," Military and Veterans Affairs Secretary Cornell Wilson Jr. added.

The new mobile units are among many DMV customer service improvements introduced by Governor McCrory. Along with the 21st-century technology now being used at the state's driver license offices, the mobile units join the Division's new focus on online services to help improve efficiency and decrease office wait times around the state.


2/19/2018 7:48 AM