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Drivers Urged to Steer Clear of Closed Roads

Raleigh - With all of the new road construction and bridge repair and replacement taking place across North Carolina, the N.C. Department of Transportation is reminding motorists not to drive on closed roads. Drivers should not attempt to access any highways, roads or streets closed off by barricades, signs or obstructions. Doing so can increase the probability of a wreck occurring, and it is against the law. When roads are closed, they are closed for a reason. Safety is NCDOT's top priority, not only for the motoring public, but also for the construction workers and other responding personnel who may be providing services in these areas. These off-limits areas can be hazardous even for well-trained drivers. "Roads under construction and not open to traffic can be dangerous and deadly for motorists and to roadway crews when motorists use the closed roadway," transportation engineer Wendi Johnson said. "Roadway crews working to complete the road are not expecting motorists to be driving through the project. Additionally, there may be material and equipment on the roadway or uncompleted portions of the roadway, which can be a hazard."


2/19/2018 7:48 AM