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Emergency Signal Now in Place at Stoney Creek Fire and Rescue Station

Raleigh - Motorists who travel along Country Club Road going by the Stoney Creek Fire and Rescue Station in Rocky Mount will see a new type of emergency signal at that location. An emergency hybrid beacon was installed by the station last Thursday, May 5. It was initially in flash mode to let drivers know it is in place, and will be put in normal operating mode this week.

The beacon light is used to warn and temporarily stop traffic on Country Club Road when emergency vehicles are leaving the fire and rescue station on calls. It gives those vehicles the immediate right of way to get on the road going in either direction.

The light has five phases:

  • Dark -Proceed normally;
  • Flashing Yellow -Slow down (this starts when fire/rescue personnel activate signal);
  • Solid Yellow -Prepare to stop if it is safe to do so;
  • Solid Red -Stop, do not proceed; and
  • Flashing Red -Stop, then proceed with caution if no vehicles are entering road from fire station.

Once police, ambulances, fire engines and rescue vehicles with flashing lights and sirens are on the road, they always have the right of way and drivers need to follow these guidelines:

  • As the emergency vehicle approaches (from ahead or behind), drive to the right-hand curb or edge of the road and stop completely;
  • Remain stopped until the emergency vehicle has passed, or until directed to move by a traffic officer;
  • On a highway with at least two lanes of traffic in the same direction you are traveling, you must move your vehicle into a lane that is not the lane nearest the parked or standing emergency vehicle and continue traveling in that lane until safely clear of the emergency vehicle.
  • On a highway with only one lane of traffic in the same direction you are traveling, you must slow your speed and drive at a reduced, safe speed until completely past the emergency vehicle.


2/19/2018 7:48 AM