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ICYMI: Better road planning worth celebrating

Raleigh - In case you missed it, last week marked the three year anniversary of the Strategic Transportation Investments law. Read Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson's letter to the editor that ran in The News & Observer highlighting the success of the law, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Nick Tennyson: Better road planning worth celebrating
July 5, 2016
News & Observer

Three years ago, Gov. Pat McCrory signed landmark legislation that took the politics out of transportation planning. The Strategic Transportation Investments law transformed the way the state prioritizes and pays for much-needed transportation projects by creating a new, more transparent way of funding projects based on ability to reduce congestion, increase safety and promote economic growth. This long overdue overhaul of our road building process allows us to prioritize projects based on need, using a combination of data-driven scoring and local input. The formula provides flexibility required to meet our state's diverse and growing transportation needs and is funding nearly three times as many projects and supporting nearly twice as many jobs as the previous formula.

Our current 10-year plan funds nearly 1,100 projects across all modes of transportation, including improvements in each of the state's 100 counties. These improvements will better connect our communities to critical destinations and open the door to new opportunity. Road building is now more efficient and effective. After three years, the law has proven successful in building more roads faster, which will benefit North Carolina for generations to come. That's something worth celebrating.

Click here to read the letter online (subscription may be required).

A key part of the transportation planning process is partnering with the public to determine which projects are most needed. The public has until July 22 to submit comments about regional and local transportation projects priorities for the next version of the 10-year plan that identifies funding for projects and schedules them for construction.

The public can submit comments through an online interactive survey, or by contacting their local NCDOT Division office. Access to the survey and the specific contact information for each division can be found by going to, and scrolling to the bottom of the web page.

NCDOT updates the 10-year plan every two years to ensure it accurately reflects the state's current financial situation and transportation needs.


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