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Left Turns Easier and Safer at Intersection of N.C. 2 and N.C. 5 in Pinehurst

Raleigh - N.C. Department of Transportation crews have updated the signal at the intersection of N.C. 2 (Cherokee Road) and N.C. 5 (Beulah Hill Road) in Pinehurst.

The update includes flashing yellow arrow lights for the northbound and southbound left turn traffic on N.C. 5. Prior to this upgrade, left turns were made under the green ball signal that allowed the left turn after yielding to oncoming traffic. This is known as a permissive-only movement.

The installation of the four-section flashing yellow arrow lights means that drivers will still yield to oncoming traffic during the flashing yellow arrow display. If they are unable to make this turn, the next signal cycle will display a green left turn arrow allowing the left turn traffic to make a protected left turn. The flashing yellow arrow is located between the solid yellow arrow and the green arrow on the signal head.

The new lights were installed on April 27.

A similar upgrade is taking place on N.C. 2 (Midland Road) at Knoll Road to provide the same left turn options by the end of this week.

The Department's growing use of the flashing yellow left-turn light across is because it helps improve safety at intersections, while also keeping traffic moving. Research shows by using a flashing yellow light, drivers pay more attention to looking at the opposite lane to make sure a turn will actually be safe. That in turn reduces the chance of a crash.

NCDOT reminds motorists to watch for construction and detour signs, stay alert and obey the posted speed limit. For real-time travel information at any time, visit the Traveler Services section of or follow NCDOT on Twitter.

Road, bridge, and other transportation improvement projects like this one are currently underway across the state as part of Governor McCrory's 25-Year Transportation Vision to enhance travel safety and to better connect North Carolinians to jobs, education, healthcare and recreation opportunities.

New transportation projects in the state's current 10-year plan are funded through the Strategic Mobility Formula, a new way of more efficiently investing transportation dollars by using a data-driven scoring process along with local input to fund more projects and create more jobs. The new mobility formula was passed into law in 2013 under Governor McCrory's leadership.


2/19/2018 7:48 AM