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McCrory Administration Offers Consumer Protection Tips in Wake of Hurricane Matthew

Kinston - Officials with the N.C. Department of Transportation's Division of Motor Vehicles today educated consumers about how to identify signs of flood damage when purchasing a car, truck or SUV. Inspectors with the DMV License and Theft Bureau showcased vehicles damaged by flooding in eastern North Carolina as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

"I want to continue to help victims of Hurricane Matthew get back on their feet," Governor Pat McCrory said. "Protecting consumers is an important part of the recovery effort in the impacted communities and across the state."

DMV License and Theft Bureau inspectors warned consumers to look for various differences in a flood damaged vehicle compared to an undamaged vehicle. Those differences include water stains, mildew, a strong odor of cleaning products and dirt and grime in small recesses of the engine area. Inspectors also encouraged consumers to obtain a vehicle history report and have a mechanic inspect the car thoroughly.

"We continue to help citizens recover from the storm, including educating them from potential consumer fraud with the sale of flooded vehicles," said N.C. Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson. "Governor McCrory and I want to be sure that consumers in North Carolina know what to look for before purchasing a vehicle that may have been impacted by floodwaters."

Governor McCrory has ordered DMV to temporarily waive certain driver license and registration fees for customers in the 40 counties most affected by the hurricane and subsequent flooding. DMV is not charging driver license fees or vehicle fees for citizens in the affected counties through the month of November. This also includes commercial driver licenses.


2/19/2018 7:47 AM