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NCDOT Addresses Safety Issues along Midland Road Corridor in Moore County

Raleigh - The N.C. Department of Transportation is developing a project to address safety concerns at the intersection of N.C. 2/Midland Road and N.C. 22 in Southern Pines. The project also includes improvements at the U.S. 1 ramp intersections with Midland Road.

The intersections were identified for improvement and were included in the ongoing Midland Road Corridor study to be finished this summer. The goal of the study is to develop recommendations to improve safety and mobility along the Midland Road Corridor without compromising the unique natural features of Midland Road. The scope of the study includes a final report as well as a presentation of the results of the study at a Town of Southern Pines Council meeting and a Village of Pinehurst Council meeting.

The preferred alternative for the intersection of Midland Road and N.C. 22 is a roundabout. Preferred alternatives for the U.S. 1 Ramps and Midland Road intersections are synchronized streets (which require drivers wanting to go through an intersection or planning to turn left to initially turn right, and then after a short distance make a U-turn to continue with either of those moves). Both options have been shown to alleviate congestion and reduce collisions at intersections.


2/19/2018 7:48 AM